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At ST Institute, our healthcare training in Rosemead, California, is available for people seeking a new career in the health industry, as well as industry professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional qualifications in their chosen field in the healthcare sector.

When you partner with us, you partner with the experts. Our highly qualified trainers have comprehensive industry experience and knowledge. In addition, we understand the various needs of our students which is why we build dynamic learning environments that support the development of their individual training requirements and goals.

Training Programs

The training programs offered at ST Institute have been developed with the belief that quality training contributes to safety and top service delivery within the healthcare sector.

Our training programs include:

  • CPR/Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
    To provide students the Basic Life Support (BLS) training outlined by the American Heart Association. The course can also provide First Aid training outlined by the American Heart Association for individuals upon the request of students involved in the training. The course will train individuals the necessary theoretical concepts and practical skills needed in an emergency medical response scenario and will do so under the curriculum set forth by the American Heart Association.
  • HHA or CNA Training Program

    To provide students interested in becoming Certified Nurse Assistants/Certified Home Health Aide, a broad and comprehensive education in order:

    1. to provide entry-level skills for employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant/Certified Home Health Aide
    2. to promote the quality of patient care through the students we train
    3. to provide awareness of opportunities and choices in health care occupations
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages Program (ESOL) Training
    To equip students, including those who have enrolled in the school’s other programs, with the language and cultural proficiencies required for the eventual fulfillment of personal, vocational, academic, and citizenship goals so that they may participate fully in American society.
  • Security Guard Power to Arrest Training and Skills Training Program (SGTP)
    To familiarize and instruct our students by closely following the regulations, guidelines, and standards set forth by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, and to provide well-trained and qualified Security Guards to our community for the prevention of terrorism and crime and the protection of people and/or property.
  • Acupuncture (ACU) Continue Education Units (CEU)
    To provide licensed acupuncturists the continue education units needed for the acupuncturist renewal requirements. The classes are taught in accordance with the regulations set forth by the California Acupuncture Board of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Begin Your Healthcare Career

At ST Institute, we separate ourselves from the others in terms of our exceptional customer experience, additional tutoring services, and our high exam passage and job placement rates.

We are here to help you begin your healthcare career!

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