ST Institute follows all regulations put forth by BPPE and the CDPH and BSIS.

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On-time completion rates (Graduation Rates). Includes data for the two calendar years prior to reporting.

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CNA Training Program in Rosemead, California

The health and disability sector is constantly evolving, and the need for quality services is increasing. At ST Institute, our training and support services can help you keep up with the advancements in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare training in Rosemead, California, is suited for people seeking a new career in the health industry, as well as industry professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional qualifications in their chosen field in the healthcare sector.

Select Therapy Institute is proud to annouce our partnership with Dreambound, here is some more information.

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  • We offer a wide variety of training programs and can also deliver provider-specific training.
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Our Services Offered

Take your first step towards a career in healthcare with ST Institute


To provide students interested in becoming CNAs a broad and comprehensive education.

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To provide students CPR training outlined by the American Heart Association.

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To provide students interested in becoming HHAs a broad and comprehensive education.

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Other Services

Discover the full range of our services and training programs.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of ST INSTITUTE is to provide our students, who seek to explore and develop career skills and experience, with learning and training opportunities so as to help them reach their goals either in a career or in personal enhancement.

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